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Vale Barqueiros promotes the responsible consumption of alcohol.

Vale Barqueiros

Wine Cellar and Oenology

In addition to having an extensive vineyard with a wide range of white and red grape varieties, the Herdade de Vale Barqueiros also has its own wine cellar, where wine is produced using the most modern technologies, whilst respecting the traditional knowledge acquired over a period of more than 25 years of production of the nectars “Vale Barqueiros”.


Wine production at Herdade de Vale Barqueiros, which has been led by Mário Andrade and his team since the harvest of 2022, is based on the making of small lots of wine, with an above-average quality that bring out the natural “terroir” characteristics of this land, therefore allowing for the production of highly tailored wines, in Alter do Chão, a region that is known, since the 19th century, for its excellence in wine production.