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Vale Barqueiros

Herdade de Vale Barqueiros

The Herdade de Vale Barqueiros was established in 1853, and is located a few kilometres from Alter do Chão, in the beautiful region of Northern Alentejo. This 800-hectares land is owned by the family of the Honourable Vasco Faria, whose main focus is the farming of grapes and olives using an irrigation system.


The property currently has 122 hectares of vineyards and 368 hectares of olive grove, from which only the finest fruits are selected, in order to create our own wine and olive oil marketed under the “Vale Barqueiros” brand. Also part of the property are 140 hectares of cork oak and stone pine forests, 2 reservoirs, 3 ponds, a hunting area and a sport fishing club.


The area surrounding the Herdade de Vale Barqueiros has a very rich prehistoric heritage, an evidence of such are the fifteen tapirs found in the area. The Romans also marked their presence here, leaving behind their unusual building skills, to which the Ponte de Vila Formosa (a 1st century national monument) is testament, having, to this day, survived the test of time and the erosion caused by the water.


On a social level, the Herdade de Vale Barqueiros is the largest employer in Alter do Chão, therefore contributing to the social-economic development of the region. The Herdade de Vale Barqueiros has always invested in state-of-the-art technology regarding viticulture and olive farming, having been one of the first to install a drip irrigation system adapted to these crops. We also established partnerships with international technical experts who contributed to the development of the company’s know-how, turning it into a modern day reference in terms of technology.